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Apache Integration

Infrastructure Integration


Follow the installation guide below for your given collector environment.

During installation, use the configuration section below as reference.

After installation, the infrastructure datasources in the table below will be available in the AOC.

Installation Guide

Installing this integration consists of creating a yaml file in the filesystem of your collectors. Click below for instructions on how to do so for your given collectors environment.








Edit apache.yaml to configure the agent. Please refer apache.yaml for all available configuration options.

      - apache_status_url: http://localhost/server-status?auto

Infrastructure Datasources

Datasource Available Aggregations Unit Description avg max min sum byte The total number of bytes served. avg max min sum byte/second The number of bytes served per second. avg max min sum request The total number of requests performed. avg max min sum request/second The number of requests performed per second.
apache.performance.cpu_load avg max min sum percent The percent of CPU used.
apache.performance.busy_workers avg max min sum thread The number of workers serving requests.
apache.performance.idle_workers avg max min sum thread The number of idle workers.
apache.performance.uptime avg max min sum second The amount of time the server has been running.