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Infrastructure Integration


  1. Configure the agent by editing /etc/nutanix/epoch-dd-agent/conf.d/directory.yamlin the collectors.


      # This config is for the Directory Check which is used to report metrics
      # for the files in a given directory
      # For each instance, the 'directory' parameter is required, all others are optional.
      # WARNING: Ensure the user account running the Agent (typically dd-agent) has read
      # access to the monitored directory and files.
      # NOTE: on windows, please make sure you escape back-slashes otherwise the YAML
      #       parser will fail (eg. - directory: "C:\\Users\\foo\\Downloads").
      # Instances take the following parameters:
      # "directory" - string, the directory to monitor. Required
      # "name" - string, tag metrics with specified name. defaults to the "directory"
      # "dirtagname" - string, the name of the tag used for the directory. defaults to "name"
      # "filetagname" - string, the name of the tag used for each file. defaults to "filename"
      # "filegauges" - boolean, when true stats will be an individual gauge per file (max. 20 files!) and not a histogram of the whole directory. default False
      # "pattern" - string, the `fnmatch` pattern to use when reading the "directory"'s files. The pattern will be matched against the files' absolute paths and relative paths in "directory". default "*"
      # "recursive" - boolean, when true the stats will recurse into directories. default False
      # "countonly" - boolean, when true the stats will only count the number of files matching the pattern. Useful for very large directories.

      - directory: "/path/to/directory"
        # name: "tag_value"
        # dirtagname: "tag_dirname"
        # filetagname: "tag_filename"
        # filegauges: False
        # pattern: "*.log"
        # recursive: True
        # countonly: False
  1. Check and make sure that all yaml files are valid with following command:

    /etc/init.d/epoch-collectors configcheck
  2. Restart the Agent using the following command:

    /etc/init.d/epoch-collectors restart
  3. Execute the info command to verify that the integration check has passed:

    /etc/init.d/epoch-collectors info

Infrastructure Datasources