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Infrastructure Integration


  1. Configure the agent by editing /etc/nutanix/epoch-dd-agent/conf.d/kube_dns.yamlin the collectors. Example: ```init_config:

instances: # url of the metrics endpoint of prometheus - prometheus_endpoint: http://localhost:10055/metrics # The histogram buckets can be noisy and generate a lot of tags. # send_histograms_buckets controls whether or not you want to pull them. # # send_histograms_buckets: True # # Note that like all checks based on the PrometheusCheck class, you can add # tags to the instance that will be added to all the metrics of this check # instance. # # tags: # - 'mytag1:myValue1' ``` 2. Check and make sure that all yaml files are valid with following command:

```/etc/init.d/epoch-collectors configcheck```
  1. Restart the Agent using the following command:

    /etc/init.d/epoch-collectors restart

  2. Execute the info command to verify that the integration check has passed:

    /etc/init.d/epoch-collectors info

Attributes and Datasources

Shared Attributes

There are some attributes that are common across the integrations. The description to the relevant attributes for this integration can be found here: shared attributes

Infrastructure Datasources

Datasource Available Aggregations Unit Description
kubedns.response_size.bytes.sum avg max min sum byte Size of the returns response in bytes.
kubedns.response_size.bytes.count avg max min sum response Number of responses on which the kubedns.response_size.bytes.sum metric is evaluated.
kubedns.request_duration.seconds.sum avg max min sum second/second Time (in seconds) each request took to resolve.
kubedns.request_duration.seconds.count avg max min sum request Number of requests on which the kubedns.request_duration.seconds.sum metric is evaluated.
kubedns.request_count avg max min sum request Number of DNS requests made.
kubedns.error_count avg max min sum error Number of DNS requests resulting in an error.
kubedns.cachemiss_count avg max min sum request Number of DNS requests that result in a cache miss.