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AOC - Collector Compatibility

In Epoch, both the Application Operation (AOC) and collectors follow Semantic Versioning:

Epoch Versioning

For more information, see Semantic Versioning

AOC Versioning

The Epoch AOC is always being updated with improvements and fixes; both major and minor. While backwards compatibility is usually maintained, there are some changes that make it necessary to no longer support some collector versions.

Collector Versioning

Epoch collectors also undergo changes and improvements, resulting in differing versions. By default, the collectors will auto-upgrade themselves to the lastest version when one is available, however if turned off they will not.

As a general policy, collector versions n-2 are supported.
n being the latest version, as well as the previous 2 versions.

Latest Compatibility

AOC Version
Collector Version
Epoch Cloud AOC
Unsupported Collectors
1.9.9 and older
For information on specific released, see our release notes

For more information on compatibility, contact Epoch support at