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The collectors are lightweight agents that are deployed on the machines serving your cloud application. They establish data channels back to the Epoch AOC installation. The Epoch collectors gather following metrics: - Service-interaction metrics such as HTTP, DNS, MySQL, etc. using pcap - Custom metrics using built-in statsd daemon - System metrics such as cpu, memory, etc. - Application metrics for popular system using built-in integrations - Docker events and docker metadata by listening to docker socket - Orchestrator information such as pod_names, service labels, etc. using orchestrator apis

Epoch Collectors


Epoch collectors can be run in both containerized as well non-containerized environment. Only one collector is needed per host (VM or bare metal OS). Please follow the environment specific installation instructions below.


Collector Auto-Upgrade

The collectors have an auto-upgrade feature that is triggered when the AOC is upgraded. On auto-upgrade, the collectors' configuration parameters and files from the previous version will be retained.

The SSLSplit process is never auto-upgraded or restarted because it is in the critical path of application traffic. To get updates for SSLSplit, reinstall the package or redeploy the collector container on the new version.