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Installation is done in two parts: Epoch AOC and the Epoch Collectors.

The collectors are installed on your application instances (VMs or containerized environments) and mirror the service interactions & metrics back to Epoch AOC for real-time analysis.

You may install the collectors in a variety of environments, independent of the AOC environment. For instance, you may run the AOC as a standalone docker container, but install the collectors in Kubernetes.

AOC Cluster EPOCH AOC Cluster Deployment


Get the Epoch AOC distributables from our download page.

Follow the instructions in the collectors section to install the collectors package on your cloud application instances.


Resource Requirements

You will need to provide a machine with sufficient resources to run Epoch AOC:

vCPUs 8 (or more)
Memory 32 GiB (or more)
Disk 1 TB (or more)

Ports and Firewall Rules


Please open the inbound ports listed below. The "Your Private Subnet" source refers to the subnet where you are installing the collectors.

Port Protocol Source Description Default requirement (yes/no)
443 TCP Public HTTPS web interface, Collector download/upgrade yes
80 TCP Public HTTP web interface no
2000 TCP Public Collectors control channel yes
2001 TCP Public Metrics and events channel yes
2003 TCP Your Private Subnet RPCAP control channel no
3003 TCP Your Private Subnet RPCAP data channel no
2003 UDP Your Private Subnet RPCAP data channel no

Collector Deployment AOC Deployment Behind a Load Balancer

  • If you wish, you may also open port 22 (TCP) for SSH access.
  • If you are deploying Epoch AOC behind a load balancer, make sure to use layer 4 load balancing instead of layer 7 to properly proxy WebSocket connections.
  • Please ensure that your Epoch AOC instance is reachable from the network where you are installing the collectors.


Epoch requires an open channel to a license site for verifying your license key. Thus, ensure that you can reach on port 443 from where you are running Epoch AOC.


You may access the Epoch AOC Web UI at:



For help please email