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Application Operations Center (AOC) supports creating multiple sub-queries. Just like main query, sub-queries are made up of multiple query and expression statements. However, there is one important difference. In sub-query, only one statement can be selected for plotting and for returning values. This simplies the use of sub-queries in creating nested queries.
Subqueries can be created by using + ADD SUBQUERY button in the Analytics Sandbox. Sub-queries are automatically named as SQ1, SQ2, ...

Subquery Overview

Using Sub-Query for Filter

One of the primary uses for sub-queries is to use them in filters. AOC provides filter labeled Data field is in subquery for filtering using sub-queries. In traditional relational database context, the filter behavior is same as join operation. You select an attribute to join the main query with sub-query and specify the sub-query name. The datapoints in main query will be restricted to those satisfying the matching criteria with results from sub-query. In example below,

  • Sub-query, SQ1, is returning the top 5 HTTP services experiencing the highest average latency. The services are identified by grouping on URI paths.
  • Main-query is filtering using SQ1 by joining based on URI path. Main query is returning the throughput of the same top 5 HTTP services that are experiencing the highest average latency.

Subquery Overview

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